Preston & Barbieri srl is an Italian company formed in 1954. In earlier stage the production line was only for Bumper cars and Bumper Cars Buildings. A few years later, this production line was expanded to include Kiddie Rides, Ferries Wheels, Telecombats, Polyps, Rock and Rolls and today the major rides such as the Splash Battle, 3D Dark Ride, Matterhorn, Gran Canyon, Merry Go Round, Musik Express, Wave Swinger, Tagada, Wotan, Monorail, Tower, Roller Coaster, Flume Ride to name a few. Currently, we now offer a total of 50 different machines. Our rides are sold in the European markets as well as the Far East areas, North and South America.

Our primary factory has a total of 20,000 square meters, of which 12,000 are covered and is located at 19 Cocchi Street in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Branches for FRP plastic and electrical components are located nearby and are under full control of the Company’s engineering staff. Our total number of employees is 45 and annual sales are now over 14 millions Euros. We are pleased that these figures place Preston & Barbieri among the largest manufacturers in the world specialized in the construction of equipment for amusement, leisure and theme parks.

The supreme quality of the manufactured products, coupled with the many years of experience of the engineers and technicians in the planning and production phases, the continuous research for new equipment and the service and training of the customer’s operators makes Preston & Barbieri srl a worldwide leader in its field.

Preston & Barbieri group have a special division called GSP srl, which is in charge of the worldwide distribution of the spare parts and service to the customer after they have purchased the equipment. They have a team of top class experienced technicians available to fly to the customer’s location with 4-8 hours prior notice.