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Bumper cars Midi

Product description

Smart and practical solution for limited space! – Midi series of bumper car has proven their popularity as an attraction especially amongst the teens between the age of 12 to 13, but that this exciting ride “calls to everyone, from children to the older .

4 exotic models available for limited space requirement with comfortable seat and easy controls designed for the riders. All these models can be powered through antenna or with high end floating point unit ( FPU ) also known as floor pick up system or lithium battery that the bumper car can run up to 8 total hours of continuous rides without the need of recharging. Standard Construction Features: Fiberglass Body; Steel Base Frame; Electrical Protection; Clutch-less Electrical Motor; Protective Rubber Bumper. Options on Request: Fiberglass Body incorporating with customized theme design; Customized non-toxic Decorative Paints on the design according to RAL Standard; Electrical Protection Pick-Up version; Extra large Rubber Bumper Protection; Coin Token Acceptor.

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