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Bumper cars Mini

Product description

The first driving experience for children without risk of danger or accident – Mini barrel bumper car either for out-door amusement parks operation with antenna or in-door working with floating point unit (FPU) also known as floor pick up system - Another reliable solution is our system with lithium battery (working time without recharging 8 hrs) – Selection between 5 models – these models are easy to use and maintain which reduces operating expenses. other themes or models can be custom-sized , on request.

Standard Construction Features: Fiberglass Body; Steel Base Frame; Electrical Protection; Clutch-less Electrical Motor; Protective Rubber Bumper. Options on Request: Fiberglass Body incorporating with customized theme design; Customized non-toxic Decorative Paints on the design according to RAL Standard; Electrical Protection Pick-Up version; Extra large Rubber Bumper Protection; Coin Token Acceptor; Car posterior vertical lights rod.

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