family ride supplier- Star fire -Preston & Barbieri
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Star Fire

The ride is composed by a central column placed on a basement anchored to the ground. Along the column runs a central body which rises and lowers the ride arms where the vehicles are attached.

The column is able to rotate on place. The arms can rotate to a 90° angle from the normal rest position.

At the edges of each arm there are 6 rays to where the vehicles are attached. Each vehicle can load three passengers, so the ride has 36 seats.

The STRONG POINT of our Booster is that the ride is a combination of quick and smooth rotations with G-forces together with nice panoramic views once the passengers are held still at a height of 40 meters. This happens at the moment the other gondola is carried.

Areaø 18.5 m
Height21 m
Arm Length5 m
Passengers per vehicles4
Theoretical hourly capacity900 pph
Minimum passenger height105 cm

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