Regulation & region norms - Preston & Barbieri
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Our production is studied and realized according the most advanced technology with utilization of first class material, taking always into consideration first of all the safety of the passengers. For the export each equipment will be manufactured according the regulations of the country of destination (light voltage, frequency, amperage) and local weather condition (oil cooling system, galvanization, etc…).

The range of products offered by our company includes:

Amusement rides for adults (over 27 models);

Amusement rides for kids;

Amusement rides trailer mounted for mobile parks and fairs;

Water parks and slides;

Trailers for special transport;

Living quarters and caravans;

Restaurants, snack bar, cafeteria with prefab units;

Cabin for operator and ticketing, lottery and shooting gallery;

Illumination and lights;

Special decorations for landscape.

Our planning office is ready to study with you special decorations in order to match the theme of your park. Manufacturing standard are EN 13814 for steel structure including EN 60204 for electrical equipments. For China supplies the rides are built according to GB Standards.

Our company is certified EN3834.

Since we are a worldwide working company we provide all the certifications that will be requested by the market of destination, providing inspections and controls time by time, under client’s request.