family ride supplier-Avio -Preston & Barbieri
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Avio is a merry go round ride which allows passengers to feel a small drop like sensation by the up and down movement of the arms.

The movable arms are electronically controlleded for up and down movement. The ride motion types are customizable and can be selected during the ride operation. The attraction is composed from 14 movable arms that allows the vehicles to go up and down along the revolution. The ride is designed to board 2 passengers per arm; the total ride capacity is 28 passengers. The ride is PLC controled. Each unit is equipped with a safety lap bar. Every Avio ride is projected and built according to your country regulations and quality certification.

Areaø 9 m
Height (structure)Depending on thematization
Number of seats24
Number of gondolas6
Minimum passenger height100 cm
Theoretical hourly capacity720 pph
Ride cycle duration90 sec.
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