Carousel - Preston & Barbieri
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Carousels are the main reference point and the most cherished rides of amusment parks all over the world. All of the subjects placed on the ride are moving and thanks to this, up and down and gallopping movementsevery passenger will enjoy a gentle, comfortable and pleasant time.

Our carousels are projected observing your country regulations and are provided with the main quality cetrifications. Customers can personalize completelly their ride, from the outside panels to the single subjects. Each ride is built with the maximum attention from our long experienced artisansfinely hand painted and decorated. It’s an italian, high quality, masterpiece.

We are proud of saying that we can supply carousel rides almost everywhere thanks to our vast dimension catalogue. We can provide carousel starting from a 5 meter diameter arriving up to 15 meters, on one or two floors with the upper floor bigger or smaller according to your preferences.

Our carousels are ready to depart and give joy worldwide!

Carousel 5 meters
Carousel 7 – 8 meters
Carousel 10 meters
Carousel 10 meters double deck
Carousel 12-15  meters