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Dark ride

This interactive Dark Ride that combines a variety of art and story, engineering with emerging technology and the epitome thrill on entertainment is a another marvelous creation from Preston&Barbieri, specially developed for the commercial purposes of amusement theme parks and recreational leisure sectors. Much of the thrill of this rides is in the factor of allowing the riders to involve directly in the storyline of the attraction. Watching out for the targets throughout the entire adventurous ride and taking aim to shoot it down instantly before the vehicle slides ahead on its track by a hairbreadth and away from the view of these adversary targets. On this ride, every passenger’s vehicle is equipped with hand-held or vehicle-mounted light guns. It is a rip roaring adventures ride with lots and lots of shooting. Every successful shooting on the target will trigger off a sequence of stimulated animation such a flashing lights of victory or falling off motion of the moving targets. A great ideas changes everything and we can always create a spectacular rides As You like It.

Area26.0 x 17.80 m
Track Length127 .
Seats per gondola2-4
Number of gondolas6
Number of seats12-24
Minimum passenger height110 cm
Theoretical hourly capacity240-480
Ride cycle duration180 sec.

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