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Flume ride

Flume Ride is an attractive and modern solution for parks which want to distinguish from the traditional ones. It has a dimension of 48×19 m and 187 meters track development.

Passengers will experience a unique sensation, descending from hills and splashing in the pools.

After having left the station the log will ascend on a hill and will enter in a panoramic view curve and exiting in an exciting drop at 4 km/h enough to obtain a small water splash. The vehicles are built to allow up to 4 passengers all seated in a row, the whole ride is controlled by a PLC system.

According to the customer’s need it will be possible to design a special lay-out providing a different hourly capacity with special effects such as geysers, water falls and water spouts, height and number of descent can change on request.

Footprint47.50 x 18.60 m
Total track lenght187.00 m
Height dimension10.00 m
Number of logs8
Number of seats per log4
Theoretical hourly capacity450 pph
Minimum passenger height100 cms accompanied

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